All breakouts will be available to view on demand after the event. 

Geopolitical insights

Oliver Jones, EY 
Geopolitics affects every global organisation, from strategy to supply chain. Yet many companies struggle to assess and manage this disruption and the impact it has on their business. Hear from the Global Leader of EY's Geostrategic Business Group (GBG) on how to translate geopolitical insights into business strategy for your organisation. 

IFRS developments

Rika Suzuki, IASB, Richard Moore, EY and Pieter Dekker, EY 
By popular demand! Hear directly from the IASB and EY on the IASB agenda and key developments in accounting standards.  

Regulatory framework for climate-related disclosures

Mala Shah-Coulon, EY, Maria Kepa, EY and Mark Kronforst, EY
Many UK companies are now required to include climate change disclosures in their annual reports. These requirements, as well as the expectations of the FRC, continue to evolve.  Hear how changes introduced by the FCA and new BEIS rules will affect your reporting, and how they are likely to interact with CSRD and SEC proposals.

Managing cyber risk

Gavin Cartwright, EY 
Hear from EY's UK Cybersecurity Leader to explore the strategic impacts of cybersecurity on organisations and how to manage cyber risks. 

Energy dependency

Andy Brogan, EY 
Hear from EY's Global Oil and Gas Leader on how recent geopolitical upheaval has highlighted how the need for diversification of both energy policy and supply is critically important to countries and organisations. 

Economic Outlook

Peter Arnold, EY 
How can the economy endure inflation and geopolitical uncertainty? Hear from Peter Arnold, EY's Chief Economist in the UK and sponsoring partner of the EY ITEM Club.  

The EY ITEM Club is a leading UK economic forecasting group, producing quarterly economic UK forecasts, special reports and forecasts. EY has been sole sponsor of the ITEM Club for more than 25 years. It is the only non-governmental forecasting group to use HM Treasury's model of the UK economy. 

Accelerating net zero transformation

Rob Doepel, EY 
Developing a credible plan to achieve net zero will support upcoming UK regulatory requirements. Hear from EY's UK Managing Partner for Sustainability on how a strategy to decarbonise your business is now essential. 

US financial reporting developments

Steven C. Jacobs, EY and Adam Dufour, EY 
From our Capital Markets practice, our Washington and London based Partners will discuss developments and points of focus of the key US standard setters and regulators, including the SEC, FASB, and PCAOB, they have seen in the last year. The discussion will cover current standard setting and rulemaking, trends in SEC staff comments, as well as emerging rulemaking areas.

Regulation of cryptocurrency

Amarjit Singh, EY 
Our EY Assurance Blockchain Leader will cover accounting of digital assets, how organisations comply with regulation of digital assets, such as crypto, NFTs and stablecoins and how organisations can protect their assets. 

Belonging: an LGBT+ lens

Matt Lindley, former RAF Royal Squadron Pilot 
A strong sense of belonging can lead to better collaboration, retention and business performance. Hear from former RAF Royal Squadron Pilot, Matt Lindley, about his personal journey and to learn how LGBT+ inclusion can help organisations build a culture where individuals are embraced for who they are and where feeling empowered to lead and belonging become the norm.   

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